Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Week Leftists Got Their Heads Out of Their Asses

I don't expect this to be a trend, but

Example #1 of a leftist getting his head out of his ass


Example #2 of a group of leftists using the free market to get their heads out of their asses as well.

Who knows!  In 6-700 years maybe they might learn something from economic history and finally flesh out the rabbit hole to realize just how wrong they are!!!

Paypal vs. Patreon

Let me tell you of a dream I have.

I have this dream where the amount of work that is to be done is finite.  And I got it in my head that if I just:

knock out one more e-mail
make one more video
cut up another chord of wood
replace one more brake pad

the work will end, I'll cross the "finish line" and will be able to play video games and goof off until I'm done.

While I'm consciously aware that this is a dream and the real world doesn't work that way, unconsciously my work ethic drives me to race towards that finish line that never gets closer.  So i'll burn through 10 hours of "work," only to have the next day be filled with unexpected chores, repairs, and the cornucopia of shit I have to do that never ends.

But if there's a particularly irksome "never ending chore" in my "career" that I have, it's keeping up with the latest social media fad/craze.  Just can't stick with blogger, nope you need a youtube channel.  Can't just have a youtube channel, nope you need twitter.  Can't just have twitter, nope you need instagram.  And you fool, you just can't have instagram, you need tumblr!

Add to this list of perpetual painassery - Patreon.

First exposed to it by Davis Aurini's project, a fan suggested I look into it as I would make more money on my youtube videos if I were to use Patreon.  Somewhat confused how it works, he was kind enough to explain it to me, essentially saying I would be looking for "patrons" to sponsor my work.  This would allow me to work on my "work" and not worry about making ends meet.  However, I was more interested in it because, frankly, when you go down this path you ostracize yourself forever from any kind of "normal" employment, not to mention anger people who are prone to launch political "campaigns," "lawsuits," "firing missions," etc. in an attempt to destroy your personal finances.  Ergo, if people wanted to "thank" you for doing the work they can't while you put your own self at risk defending their beliefs, they could become "patrons" and help you out.

So I looked into it, always happy to take a new source of money.  But upon further review (unless I'm missing something) Patreon just doesn't make any sense.  If for any other reason, paypal and other crowd funding sources already exist and do what Patreon claims to be doing.  Not to mention Patreon just highway-robs you in fees.

Patreon charges you 10%

 While Paypal charges around 3%

And if you want to be technical, Bitcoin effectively charges 0%

Again, I may be missing something, but I don't think so.  And if I'm not, then I'm slightly miffed in that I wasted, yet again, another 20 minutes of my life chasing after that finish line that can never be crossed.

Regardless, the point is if you want to help a blogger you like, a youtuber you're a fan of, or just an artist whose art you enjoy, forget Patreon.  Just donate to them via Paypal and make life a lot easier for every one.

Weekly Sponsor

This week's sponsor is Andro-Plus.

If you are looking for a testosterone supplement, but don't want Obama's permission via your doctor to get it, consider trying Andro-Plus.  It is a fraction of the cost it would take for you to get it via 3 doctors visits and a trip to the pharmacy, and you'll find out whether testosterone supplements even work for you on the cheap.

However, be aware that there are lawsuits being filed (as there always is) that claim there are negative side effects OR no effects at all.  In short you take this stuff at your own risk.

Again, I've used Andro-Plus and saw no effects (good or bad), but others have used it and swear by it, so see if it isn't for you.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm Calling Bullshit on All The Fake Mental Disorders

Yes, language warning.  do not play at work or in front of children.

I Am Not Responsible for Sexual Assault

Boys, I don't know about you, but I'm getting awfully peeved at getting lectured for shit I didn't, never have, and never will do.  I'm also sick and tired of the fake "sexual assault" epidemic and the outright lie about 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted on campus which, intentionally or not, slippery slopes into painting all men as potential rapists, sexual deviants, not to to mention, dramatically increases their chances of a false rape accusation.

Want to fight back?

Well, if you notice the downvotes on this video that is fully endorsed by

The Democrat Party
and even
President Obama

is getting a full 1/3rd downvote.

That's impressive.  This was a professionally orchestrated piece that has the FULL BACKING of ALL THE INSTITUTIONS (media, government, academia, etc.) of the United States, and it STILL is getting a full 1/3 down voted.

Let's make it at least 1/2.  Visit the video, watch it, and if you get the feeling you're being accused of being a rapist or are somehow part of the problem, down vote it.  It would be a rare triumph of the voice of the people over those who wish to be our moral superior and dare to have the gall to lecture us about a problem that is completely political and not our fault, and therefore, not our problem.

I'm Majoring in Whore

Some dark humor for you this weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Beware the Girl Who Actually Likes You

An interesting observation.

What if the vast majority of your experiences with the opposite sex when trying to court them is largely one of you

arguing and
teeth pulling

them to go out with you?

That you always operate from the premise the girl does not on her own, willingly want to go out with you?  That such a fuss, fight, and resistance is put up, that you accept as premise women are incapable of liking men on their own.

Well, two very sad and tragic things will happen.

1.  You'll believe that it's not possible for girls to just "like you."  That they'll always need to be convinced or tricked otherwise.  And

2.  You'll fail to recognize the few girls that actually do genuinely like you, misdiagnose them, respond erroneously to them, and they will likely be "the one that got away."

Regardless, this thought is more thoroughly thought out in my latest piece at ROK. (Also, I recommend reading the comments.  No limit to the number of virgins doing their academian, theoritician Monday Morning Quarterbacking tough talk.)

We Beat the Marxists

Between long distance road trips, mountain climbing, working out, semi-daily runs, and pre-winter maintenance on the house, I insist on keeping my brain fed.  And the way I do this is by downloading and consuming an inordinate amount of podcasts.  I recently devoured about 5 hours of documentaries on WWI and am always on the hunt for more.  However, since I switched the hosting service for my podcast to "Podomatic" I discovered if you sign in through facebook you can scour their selection of podcasts.

This new trove yielded some interesting podcasts like Sooper Mexican, among others, but there was one that I listened to that was just HORRIBLE.  I couldn't immediately understand why as I was pre-occupied installing a new door, but whatever they were saying was mind-numbing, academic pablum.  Even if I wasn't pre-occupied I doubt my mind would have been able to pay attention to it.  But soon I understood why, even with undivided attention, nobody would have been able to stay awake listening to it, when one of the hosts said,

"Well I'm a marxist."

That jarred my frontal lobes enough to now pay attention and I wished it hadn't.  For what I was now paying close attention to was a podcast between two marxists who specialized in "advanced intellectualism."

My brain was then treated to two self-proclaimed intellectuals agonizing over concepts and ideas that were so removed from reality and practical application to the real world that it was only in their theoretical world that such concepts could be discussed.  They used words that I had never heard of before, but knew could only exist in a philosophy that existed only to serve itself.  And all of this discussion was with the arrogant air of pseudo-intelligence that would even put NPR hosts to shame.

It was the epitome of everything wrong with academia and lefter leaning "intellectuals:"

Dumb people
Using made up words
In a fabricated philosophy
With no real world practical application
Solely for the purpose of
Making themselves sound smart
And rationalizing the theft of other people's money

(You know, kind of like religion without a church.)

Anyway, the whole reason I sampled their podcast was because they were the highest ranked podcast in Podomatic's "philosophy" category.  And though I rued wasting what time I did on listening to it, I do have to emphasize a silver lining.

They WERE the highest ranked podcast.

To all my listeners - MANY thanks for your support.

If you want to listen to The Clarey Podcast (which you do, you just don't know it yet) you can download it here or get it through iTunes here.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lust in the Time of Heartache

Davis has finally released his short video that he submitted to a "short film" competition and won funding.  For a rookie it's actually quite good and the $10,000 budget he received can only go so far.

Naturally, to follow up on this he and a colleague are raising money for another film, but this one is a documentary about the various forces of the left trying to invade and ruin the video game industry.  If you're trying to figure out why this might be something you'd want to donate to, I recommend listening to the latest Bechtloff Podcast where he interviews Davis about the project.

Job Post for Cappy Cappites

Alex over at Academic Composition is looking to hire some marketing staff to sell his services on Craig's List.

Not glorious work, but you don't have to commute, it can be done from home or the coffee shop, and it's a great way to make ends meet if you're in need of immediately employment.  Here are the details (you can contact Alex for more information):


A. Create a Gmail account
B. Set up the forwarding features of that account so all incoming messages are re-directed to Academic Composition
C. Use that gmail account to post CL ads

Compensation: You will be paid for each day that your ad stays live on the forum and it usually stays live up to a month.

You will also be paid bonuses for each person who will reply to your post. If the prospective clients signs up, you will receive an additional bonus. 

1. Honolulu, HI
2. Houston, TX
3. Dallas, TX
4. Denver, CO
5. Los Angeles, CA
6. San Franciso, CA
7. New York, NY
8. Hartford, CT
9. Philadelphia, PA
10. Pittsburgh, PA
11. Atlanta, GA
12. Raleigh, NC
13. Chicago, IL
14. Phoenix, AZ
15. St. Louis, MO
16. Minneapolis, MN
17. Boston, MA
18. Toronto, ON
19. Vancouver, BC
20. Ann Arbor, MI
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Thursday Day Happy Hour

Since I've been busy with "Repair and Auto-Maintenance Hell" this past week some REALLY good links were sent my way.

My interview with Wall Street for Main Street.

I'll say it again for the cheap seats - The US is NOT a capitalist economy.

Amazing how monopolies look like government.  But you know, more government is always the solution.

Forcing the Canadian taxpayers to subsidize worthless people with worthless degrees.

Spot the Beta.

What on earth made people think this was a legitimate field and study will forever elude me.

Video game geeks should replace the Federal Reserve. (it's actually QUITE GOOD)

Paul Krugman has been cashing in on this since forever.

Janet Yellen says something stupid.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why the Death of Small Town America is a Good Thing

My travels and adventures largely circle around mountain climbing and hiking.  This means I must traverse the great expanses of the great plains, inching my way to the Rockies and the thousands of miles of geologic beauty that lay to the west.  Aside from Denver and Salt Lake City, there are very few large metropolitan areas so the majority of time you're either crashing at a hotel or getting gas it's in a small "traditional" American town. 

Unconsciously, this meant I was not just pursuing the latest greatest hike, but conducting a near-10 year study on small town America and its corresponding economy.  At first my observations were simple ones, primarily noting, even ruing, the demise of these small towns.  You typically have a "main street" where old buildings from the 1880's to 1920's have the date they were built etched into the headstone.  Their architecture is beautiful, usually brick or stone and it doesn't take much imagination to see what a bustling town it was over a century ago.  But by my last back-of-napkin estimation nearly 70% of these gorgeous buildings are empty or up for rent.  And the towns I revisit because they're on common throughways I use, you can usually bet at least 20% of the buildings that were occupied have switched tenants.  It's a sad sight to see, a quaint little town that was once a genuine, tight-knit bustling community, now approaching ghost town status, but in the demise of these small towns there is hope as it is a testament to genuine progress in America, as well as a lesson for our economic future.

The first thing to realize about small towns is that they were largely built based on an agricultural economy.  There were enough farmers and ranchers in a certain area that there was enough economic demand for a town that provided wares, equipment, machinery, banking, etc. (notice how a lot of small towns, though decimated, still have a John Deere dealer?).  However, as time went on and technology advanced farming techniques become multiples more efficient, not only increasing yields, but requiring a lot less labor.

Overall this is a good thing for the country.  Food becomes cheaper, the bane of hunger and starvation that plagued human kind since 200,000 BC is defeated, and farmers don't have to toil as much as they used to in the mule and ox days.  However, the town itself suffered.  With farmer Joe able to do thrice the work with 1/10th the labor, demand for labor fell and with it the population of these small towns.  Couple that with transportation technology and the managerial efficiency of large retail stores (Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.), not only was your population decreasing, but the local hardware store, grocery and butcher were no longer needed.  Thus why those beautiful buildings sit empty in small town America, and anybody born there usually leaves for the city.

While we may lament this natural horse-replaced-by-car death of small town America, there was another thing I noticed about these small towns.  The businesses that WERE in business and replacing the grocer, the butcher, the mechanic, etc., were a testament to how these advances in technology, farming methods, and other general improvements in economic efficiency were making the lives of everybody easier.  People were no longer running hard businesses like "butchering animals" or "repairing tractors," but "fun" businesses like opening a coffee shop, an art store, or (my favorite) the small town dive bar.

I didn't fully connect the dots until I started taking pictures of the various small town bars I was visiting as kind of a hobby.  But the more time I had on the road to sit and think it through, the more I realized that technological advances were making it so people in these towns today could live more leisurely and enjoyable lives than their ancestors did 100 years ago.  And that the empty brick buildings on main street that were being replaced with antique stores, bars, and restaurants was a good thing and not a bad thing.

There is just one "thing," however.  And that is what this trend in small town America portends for the rest of the country.  And most Americans are not going to like it as it directly addresses and destroys what they hold most dear - their egos.

Realize that what is ultimately driving this change in small towns is the replacement of labor with machines.  I've addressed this before in a post about the Roboticized Economy, where more and more humans are rendered obsolete as they are essentially replaced by robots.  On the face of it this seems like a great thing.  Robots doing all the work, humans just kicking back doing nothing.  It's so utopian it has inexperienced, leftist academian morons orgasming over their latest half-baked idea of a "minimum guaranteed income."  But there's a problem with this new economy.  While it may feed the human stomach, it won't feed the human ego. And people, especially Americans, value their egos above all else.

Realize this new REAL WORLD economy and what the latest generation has been brought up to believe about itself are like two runaway trains heading towards a horrific collision.   Because of technology the new economy does not need unskilled, untalented human labor.  It needs technicians, engineers, programmers, doctors and all related professions that go into supporting the increasingly-roboticized economy.  However, kids today are increasingly brought up to believe the world bends to their wills and desires. That they can "follow their heart and the money will follow."  So they major in the most worthless and un-intellectually-challenging subjects.  And upon graduation when their skills (or lack thereof) do not match up with what is in demand in this new economy, they sit their, their dreams destroyed, unemployed and with a crippling level of debt.  They may have been a runaway freight train, but the real world economy was a much strong, faster, and powerful one.

Naturally, this does not sit well with a generation brought up to be the most spoiled and entitled of them all.  They protest, they demand student loan forgiveness, they demand other people's money, anything and everything, whatever it takes, they demand their pound of flesh because they've been brought up to believe they're entitled.

But understand the real reason for their anger.

While the real world economy demands doctors, engineers, specialists, programmers, etc., to keep this roboticized economy going, and all these people work hard, attend school, and study rigorous subjects to make this technological miracle reality (AND make it so NONE of the talentless people go starving or without shelter) this new economy still has SOME demand for unskilled labor.  However, since technology has advanced so much (and will continue to do so) the jobs that remain for the unskilled/overeducated class are deemed "insulting."

Food service
Nanny/baby sitting

And given the overeducated mindset of today's latest labor market entrants it's like slapping them in the face.  They have no real skills.  They have no real achievements.  The only thing they "have" is their education.  And in refusing to hire them for jobs they think they're entitled to, but rather give them the only jobs they're qualified for, you insulted the only thing they have in their lives - their worthless educations.

This is why I don't mind seeing the local coffee store, art store, antique store or dive bar taking over beautiful small town America.  Those people actually get it.  They don't know how to program a tractor to self-reap a 100 acre field.  They don't know how to repair a diesel engine on a John Deere.  And they don't know how to route a computer network for the local feed lot.  But they can pour a decent beer, cook a quality stew, and provide decent customer service.

The question is whether the vast majority Americans today have the intellectual temerity and honesty to realize and accept the same thing.  That their "Masters in English" is not of any value, that they have no sought after skill, and that their future is not one of greatness or participation in the cutting edge of economic development, but rather one of customer or "vanity" services servicing other humans.  And if they don't like that, then they need to let go of the ego, work harder and go into fields where they will be in demand.

Of course that would require a genuine work effort, a passion for rigor, and...dare I say it...math.

But wait, let me guess.  "You're just not good at math?"

I'll have fries with that.

Cappy Comes to Europe

Howdy All,

Going to be heading to Europe for the first time for two weeks.  I have no major plans except to spend most of it doing nothing and relaxing primarily in Italy.  However, I'll be in Switzerland as well and maybe roadtripping it to France even.

Anyway, I know a lot of you are in Eastern Europe and we even have two schmoes running around Morocco, but if you're around and in the area, let the ole Captain know.

Won't be landing until the 24th.  Will obviously post pictures whilst traveling around Europe.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Book Babe

It is once again that time where we have to leave economic charts and graphs and instead look at pretty girls posing with my books.

I know, I know.  I don't like it any more than you do, but we're going to "have to" look at this Chicagoan beauty.  I promise, we'll get back to the charts and graphs shortly, but in the meantime this HAS TO get done.

Also, for any of you ladies out there that want to become a Book Babe it's very simple.  Contact me and I'll send you free books.  Your pictures help brighten the days a thousands of men across the world who appreciate old school, traditional beauty.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Captain Is Once Again Victorious

Good news everyone!  I entered the dance competition at Mississippi Mayhem with my dance partner and took first place.

Of course, we were the only people who signed up...
And they had to pull teeth to get two elderly couples to compete as well...
And the trophy was a hodgepodge of welded 1940's auto parts with a shoe...

But hey!  Still placed first!

Anyway, some additional pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mississippi Mayhem

Heading to La Crosse Wisconsin for "Mississippi Mayhem.". Posts will be sparse over the weekend, though i might get a podcast in.