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How QE Money Ends Up in the Stock Market

Sometimes I like to connect the dots for my readers or for those of you who "know" something is happening, but don't know precisely how.  So today we'll be looking at how QE money ends up in the stock market, thereby increasing PE ratios and making nothing worth buying!

So the first step is where the federal reserve is faced with the fact that Keynesian stimulus is failing, specifically monetary policy only affects inflation and prices and not real economic growth.  Egos and heads explode at the fed because they're "economic geniuses" so they can't be wrong!  So they lie to themselves and say they just "didn't do enough of it" and go onto fire up the printing presses.

But what to do with the money?  They don't want to cause "inflation" but they still want to "boost the economy."  So what they do is buy US treasury bonds, sometimes directly from the US treasury, but other times from banks and other financial institutions that are looking to get rid of that paper.  But it's not just US treasuries they sell to the sucker fed.  They unload their crappy junk mortgage backed securities to the fed, as well as their overprice stocks.

The proceeds of these purchases go into the coffers of the commercial bank and other financial institutions that sold those worthless pieces of paper securities to the fed.  And what do they do with these hundreds of billions of dollars?

Why they invest it in the stock market!

And yes, it really is that simple junior, deputy, aspiring, official and otherwise economists!

Of course the increase in stock prices is not considered "real inflation" because...well...fed economists said so.  So you go right ahead and max out your 401k contribution buying overpriced stocks with a PE of 27 and a dividend yield of 2%!  It's patriotic!

New Blogroll Addition - Freedom Outpost

You will visit here.  You will obey.  You will conform.  Compliance is mandatory.

There Is Nothing to Say About Ferguson

My time is finite and precious.  Therefore I don't waste it.

I've had several inquiries about my opinion about Ferguson and it basically boils down to the Alcoholics Prayer where "grant me the wisdom to know what I can and cannot change."  And Ferguson cannot be changed.

A thug was killed by a cop.

That thug happened to be black and the cop white.

The black community in Ferguson, programmed to hate and view everything in terms of race did not see it as one less criminal in their neighborhood, but an act of racism.  They viewed last night's verdict as additional proof to their oppression and went to the streets to protest, destroying their own neighborhood, looting things that weren't theirs, ensuring no serious employer or business ever sets up shop there again, further condemning themselves to a life of secondary citizenry.

My political analysis of this is


When something new or interesting happens, let me know.  Ferguson was entirely predictable, but more importantly, not solvable.  Ergo, I don't care how many thousands of hours of political coverage and analysis ensues, not one minute of it will be anything new or productive.  You might as well be watching Maury Povich or Jerry Springer.  Matter of fact, my little piece here is about the only thing you really need to read about Ferguson.

So I recommend you view Ferguson like I do - your life is too short and too valuable to waste a second on it.  Do something else instead like watching a good documentary, spending time with your family, learning a new skill or teaching yourself how to enjoy the decline.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Spot the Beta


Boys, and by "boys," I mean liberal men,

Acting like you're a liberal and placating women's leftists tendencies does not get you laid, just as submitting this law will not get you laid.

Australia White Ribbon Campaign-Absuing Abused Women

Disgusting.  Just disgusting.

Not only does the Australian White Ribbon campaign make absolutely NO effort to ameliorate abuse against women, they simply use domestic violence as a way to merely profit for themselves.  I don't even see a god damned expense for "cause expense" or "charity."  There's like NO MONEY making it into the hands of abused women.  It's damn well near 100% expenses just to keep the non-profit going to pay their salaries.

You may hate "evil corporations."
You may hate "big oil."

But for the love of god is there anything more sick than using victims to profit off of it ALL WHILE CLAIMING TO BE HELPING THESE VICTIMS?

You non-profit people are scum.

What's Really Driving the Basic Guaranteed Income

I happily discovered a new treasure trove of podcasts.  They focus primarily on the history of the UK, but also delve into world history, wars, etc., allowing me to further educate myself in an arena I am woefully ignorant in.  But something interesting happened while listening to a podcast.

During one of the interviews you could clearly hear the interviewer and interviewee.  But in the background you could hear a woman singing.  Turns out the interview was being recorded at a cathedral of some sort and as part of the ambiance they had a woman singing.  But then my rapid economic mind started thinking, thought through, and then concluded a thought in less than a second:

"Is that really a woman singing?
In the olden days I'm sure it was, but with technology it's likely just a recording being played on a stereo system.
So that woman only had to record he singing once.
I wonder what she does with all of her free time now.
God do I hate San Fransisco taxi cab drivers."

The last bit of logic may not make sense, but it does if you allow for a little bit of economic hand holding.  For the woman singing in the church (either past or present), the taxi cab drivers in San Francisco and the call for a "Basic Guaranteed Income" are all highly related and provide for us a great lesson and insight into the economics and political motivation of the basic guaranteed income.

The argument for a "basic guaranteed income" (BGI) is that as technology and science progresses, more and more human jobs will become obsoleted and replaced by automation and robotics.  This presents the paradox that goods and services are still being produced, but without jobs people have no income to buy said goods and services.  Therefore, as robots replace humans (leaving them no income) we should guarantee all humans with a "basic income" allowing them to afford the basic necessities in life.

However, for this argument to have integrity there must be absolutely NO JOBS available for the displaced human labor.  I've argued before that this simply isn't true as no matter how much technology advances there will be two forms of employment:

1.  The "vanity services" where humans serve other humans (waiters, masseuses, prostitutes, authors, entertainers, servants, etc.) and
2.  The robotic support industry (the STEM professionals who keep this progressively roboticized economy going).

However, my argument aside, history provides enough of an argument to debunk the pro-BGI claims.  No matter how much technology advances, there are always completely new industries, replete with jobs that replaces the old ones.

Horse and buggy manufacturers were simply replaced with auto-manufacturers.
Phone manufacturers were replaced by smart phone producers.
And employees at the vinyl shop were merely replaced with IT employees allowing for MP3 recording.

In other words, this "creative destruction" didn't replace humans as much as it forced them to be innovative and creative in other endeavors as it replaced and obsoleted previous technologies.

But that's the key thing - forced humans to be innovative and creative.  And a lot of humans plain don't like that.

Some humans, when facing obsolescence simply do the adult thing and accept this reality.  They move on, learn a new skill or trade, start over again, reinventing themselves earning living.  Some humans go so far as to become entrepreneurs, capitalizing on ideas and revolutions in the economy, providing employment and higher standards of living for others.  But then there are some who are so delusional, so arrogant, so self-centered, they actually believe that the real world should not advance without their authorization.  And if the world "dares" to progress to the point it obsoletes their careers, then the world indeed "owes them a living."

These people constitute a parasitic class that can only be described as lazy and entitled.  The union worker who demands his pension despite the company going bankrupt.  The person who gets laid off and decides to go on the permanent government dole.  Or the pouty school administrator that gets fired by a gracious and generous early retirement severance.  These people are economically worthless individuals, providing nothing of net economic value to society at all.

But while these people may be economically worthless, at least these people have the good graces to get the hell out of the way and let society advance.  They just want their check and they're happy (or at least as happy as these miserable humans can be).  Sadly, there's an even more despicable group of people that make these veritable economic parasites look noble as they are so arrogant, so self-centered, and so egomanical they not only demand recompense, but they demand the rest of the world stop and not advance without them.

And that's where the San Francisco taxi cab drivers come in.

Technologies like Lyft and Uber have obsoleted taxi cabs.  They are now officially an inferior service.  Like the record companies, the book publishers, and the horse and buggy industry they should accept this fact and either adapt by becoming Uber/Lyft providers themselves or find a new industry to work in.

However, taxi cab drivers are not only entitled, they're evil.  And I'm not saying that as a pejorative, but as a descriptive.  San Francisco taxi cab drivers are evil because instead of letting society advance, letting the people of San Francisco enjoy higher standards of living (which is what the whole point and purposes of technology and economic advancement is), they threw a temper tantrum and held the city hostage by causing traffic jams with their cars. In no uncertain words, these few people view themselves MORE IMPORTANT than the rest of society and have no problems holding back, nay punishing these people for daring to aspire for a better life.

Of course taxi cab drivers are not the only example of this.  Chicago's infamous toll roads with their manually stationed tolls were so heavily unionized that the metro population of Chicago was held hostage WAAAAY past the point in time traffic scanning technology made such tolls obsolete.  The public schools and higher education are another example of unneeded, worthless, obsoleted humans that have no moral qualms holding children hostage in ransom for "more money for schools."  And I never tire of the dinosaur publishing houses stammer their little feet as they (futilely) try to stop self-publishers.

Regardless, the point is that human nature is pathetic.  And the proponents of the BGI know this and are banking on it.  For if a soon-to-be-obsoleted-human is given the choice:

a.  Start anew, learn new skills and participate in the new and revolutionized economy
b.  Collect a check
c.  Not only collect a check, but demand society never be allowed to advance so I can save my ego by keeping my unneeded job

most humans are so lazy, and some so egotistical, they'll choose either b or c. 

And that is what truly is behind the drive for the BGI.

The BGI is not something that is "noble" or "compassionate."  It is not something that is "caring" or "kind."  It is a blatant attempt by socialists and leftsits in academia and government to buy votes by placating the laziness, ego, and self-centeredness of a progressively worthless human population.  They are merely presenting the false premise that "creative destruction" does not exist (ergo, there will be "no jobs"), while knowing full well the average American schlep is to proud, too ego-filled to work the menial service jobs that will exist, and too lazy to train for the STEM jobs that would also exist.

But where the real evil comes in is where I predict there will be a "third category" of jobs - "ego employment."  Jobs that are not only unnecessary, but hold society back by either denying society the ability to progress, or at minimum taxing them to create make-work jobs, ALL of which are simply to save the ego of a voting constituent.

It does indeed make the parasite who merely collects a government check look noble.

Post post - a reader recommended this.  "Player Piano" a book where in the near future everything is mechanized and there is a struggle between the scientific and management classes that keep the machines running and the unskilled people who have no jobs. 

Post post post - looks like there's going to be some automation in the Bakken oil field with drones and roboticized trucks following a lead truck. How much you want to bet the teamsters will get in the way of you getting cheaper gas?

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Dear Muslims, Thank You for Invading Sweden

They obviously have become a society with REALLY nothing better to do.

History Podcast Treasure Trove Discovered

And now I have what seems to be at least week's worth of brand new listening material!

New Sponsor - Prevail

Howdy Lieutenants!

New sponsor "Prevail!"

Presumably you can drink this before you...well...drink and your hangover will be prevented...unless you go crazy and drink way more than you should anyway.

Regardless consider purchasing some the next time you plan on going boozing.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Explaining the Corporate Tax Debate

As you know I like to take complex subjects and boil them down to their most basic elements.

Remember, if you're looking to hire an artist, consider our resident artist Jorge Gonzalez!

Another Reason Not to Breed

Apparently the state is deeming it necessary to FORCE parents to pay for their childrens' college tuition.

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Here's How You Stop Rape, Ladies

I didn’t wait 15 years, or 25, or 45.  I got in my car and drove immediately over to the police station and told them what happened.  I had a rape kit done, photos taken, and gave my statement.  He was arrested, and eventually jailed.  He is still in jail, thank goodness.  He wasn’t hard to find.  Everyone knew him.  I guess he didn’t think that I would go to the police, and do so as quickly as I did, because when they arrested him he still had remnants of my DNA on him.

 I'll just say it again for the cheap seats because I know the current hubbub about rape is not about "rape" as much as it is a power-grab from miserable feminists to fund their "women's shelter" programs on various campuses. 






Do not pass Go
Do not collection $200

You need to get your ass to the cops ASAP.

20 years ago when I worked at the campus cop program during college they drilled that into our heads.  And I got new for you,

The police department cares a lot more about you women than the "Women's Studies" Department.

Racism in the Minneapolis Public Schools

But it's against whites, so it's OK.

Seriously, if you are a parent of a child and live in Minneapolis


The Time Cappy Got Stuck in a Poetry Slam

(This is a book review, but the story I use to introduce it might be of some entertainment value)

There are only a few things I genuinely loathe and hate in this world.

One is split pea soup.  No matter how much bacon you put in it, you are not going to get me to drink that 70's carpet green slop.

Two is theater.  I do not like theater.  I've attended more than several at the behest and begging of women and without fail they merely made me wish I hadn't wasted my life attending.

And the third is poetry.

I remember a long time ago an elderly Jewish friend of mine who would pay me to be his sober cab and I'd chauffeur him around the Twin Cities in the pursuit of younger women and booze.  We were reasonably successful because he was charming and had decent game, but his skills unfortunately landed us in, of all things, a....

poetry slam.

He had hooked up with some young 20 something liberal arts type girls and they invited us to see them and their colleagues perform at some fleeting shithole some idiot artist tried to make a profitable "art business" out of on 1st Avenue in DT Minneapolis.  We walked in and sure enough every imaginable stereotype was confirmed.  Women with pits you knew weren't shaved.  Men who would lose a fight against the women if there were to be a "Wrestlemania" in the venue.  And above all else the poetry.

Oh the poetry.

I'd rather drink the 70's green split pea soup slop.

Nothing intelligent.  Nothing insightful.  And always, always, always political.

Add to that these 20 somethings (who no doubt were still living off of a subsidy from their parents) waxed poetically in such an arrogant, self-absorbed manner over garbage that would thankfully never be remembered by the world, and it was the biggest waste of time I ever spent trying to chase tail.  Never would I ever attend a "poetry slam" again.

Inevitably I couldn't take it anymore because it WAS torturing my brain.  So I excused myself, told my elderly Jewish buddy to call me when he needed me to pick him up, and headed to Lee's Liquor Lounge in the hopes of finding an ingot of a babe I may have missed the past 40 times.

Regardless, the point is I HATE poetry.  I've never liked it, and I doubt I ever will.  So you can imagine my joy when I was asked to review "The End of Ideology" a book by Blair Naso of ROK fame.

I was honest with him saying my time would have to be compensated for reading poetry and that I was not a fan of the genre at all.  But still, he agreed and I read through a sampling of the book he sent me.  And for split pea soup, it ain't bad.

Naturally if you're like me and DON'T like poetry, this is not the book for you.  But if you are more of the artistic nature and DO like poetry, you will certainly want to spend the money on this instead of the cover charge for SJW, leftist, feminist, emo infested poetry slam.

It is written by a young man, and thusly many of the poems will relate to men.  His "Online Dating" poem is pretty funny, "Daddy's Little Girl" is hilarious though dark, and I did enjoy the "Story from the Tavern."  But there are also some dark and effective poems such as "I Killed a Man Today" the somberness, directness, and lack of emotion I very much appreciated.

Still, not my cup of tea, but if there are any poetry aficionados out there of the male persuasion, I'd strongly recommend Mr. Naso's work.

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Episode #72 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy's "Southern Planation" story
Which Minnesota hospitals have the hottest nurses
A naughty nurse who played "Halo"
"Why don't podcasters like money?"
Will the blog/podcast/youtube world be destroyed by SJW's?
All the news is about government
Ignorant well-intended democrat voters
Two non-profit schleps are given The Clarey Test
The left will hold society back for their own sake


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast

Book Review - "The Uncivil War" by Taleeb Starkes

In preparation and research for my upcoming book "The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty" I knew full well that even though I knew enough about economics, poverty, finance, and investing, I did not have the sociological, psychological, political or philosophical experiences of your average black man.  To that end I enlisted the help various Black Agents in the Field of the Capposphere, but also purchased a book that was recommended by an individual I can't remember, "The Uncivil War" written by Taleeb Starkes

I was looking forward to reading it because it had what seemed to be the combination of what I need.  A black author, who grew up in the ghetto, who saw the light, and could convey to me not just the black male perspective, but the path of his thinking that led him out of poverty.  This would then allow me to write some of the "transitional chapters" of my book from an educated standpoint, making a compelling argument that was relateable to my intended audience.

There was just one minor problem - it is the harshest thing I've ever read, making it overly harsh even for my extreme tastes.

The author makes no bones about it and purposely wrote it as such.  "Nigger" (and nearly a score of permutations of the word) is by FAR the most common word in the book (and even in the subtitle).  He mocks, berates, yells at, ridicules, and antagonize the segment of the black population he considers not blacks, but "niggers," and continues on for another 240 screeding and screaming pages.  There were certainly segments and sections that were helpful for my purposes, but it quickly became obvious he doesn't care to solve the problems through an olive branch, but by identifying, villainizing and shaming the "nigger" subsegment of the black community out of existence.  In other words, it is a damning testament and outright attack against ghetto or thug culture, indifferent if they actually listen, turn themselves around, or improve (he even has a letter at the end of the book dedicated as a "Memorandum to Niggers" where he explicitly says so).

While this may not have terribly helped in my research, it did provide some interesting ancillary benefits.  One, you really do realize just what a show or a farce the ghetto/thug culture is.  From believing your "independent" while collecting government checks, to buying designer clothes with money you don't have, to spending a prerequisite time in jail to earn "street cred" and "keep it real," it isn't anything to be glorified or envied.  It's just a parasitic culture living off of the rest of the community.  And the great lengths these delusional people go to convince themselves would be funny, if it were not so pathetic.  Two, you realize the helplessness of it all.  People are consciously choosing this life and not only choosing it, but protecting it even if it hurts them.  Mr. Starkes cites multiple news articles in his book where a shooting, a beating, or some other such crime SPECIFICALLY WITHIN AND AGAINST the black community occurs, but "magically" there are no witnesses.  Alas just as there are no "public witnesses" that corroborated the officer's account of the Marcus Brown killing, and thus many good people get to fear lawlessness living in the likes of Ferguson.  But, three, even though many aspects of the book were depressing, hearteningly, there were some optimistic insights into the book.  For example there IS definitely a group of people (simply referred to as "blacks" by Mr. Starkes) who are law abiding citizens.  They want a better life, they do not hate whites or males, they are willing to work, and they LOATHE the costs they pay in terms of "black on black crime" or the "The Black Tax."  Another example is how despite all their bravado and puffing of chests, thugs are indeed afraid of well armed, law abiding citizens in safe neighborhoods simply because such citizens WILL call the cops and WILL defend their territory.  And yet another example was how thug culture is not "misunderstood" or "disadvantaged", but is indeed evil, deserving of hate, giving rise to the hope the rest of society might shame it like we do cancer or any other scourge of society.  It was insights like these that made the book worth reading.

Still, these observations and insights aside, the book falls short if there was any underlying attempt to win over blacks who are sitting on the fence, and will certainly win no converts from Starkes' "nigger" category.  It will simply enrage them.  But, again, Starkes writing indicates he'd rather exterminate the thug culture than convert it and that's where his and my aims differ.  Perhaps "The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty" may win a few more converts than his book...perhaps even some converts that are merely younger versions of him.  For Mr. Starkes admits that he too was once part of that ghetto culture.

You can find his book here at Amazon.

That's Not a Real Hike

A cute story about hiking a (HA!  GET THIS!)

3 mile

2,000 foot peak!

Ooooo!  Scary!!!!

Trouble at Harvard

Oh nosies!

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Japan - Keynesians 25 Year Wet Dream

Japan really should be debunking every Keynesian and modern day economist out there from academia to government.

But I know, I know, it was never about economics.  It was about politics.

My Opinion on Shirtgate


The "Joys" of Dating Christian Girls

I love Garfunkle and Oates

(language warning)

"Single Mom's Ministry!"

Well, be it "Jesus," "Obama" or "The State," long as it isn't a real man that holds them to standards, but just "forgives," doesn't judge, and just hands out money.

As the Patron Saint Name of Frick would say, "Cripes"

Who Started It?

Again I ask the simple question - who started it?

Glorious Hat!

Many of you know I have "Glorious Hat!"  However, you can get your own too and it's about that time because Christmas is coming up and they ARE REALLY NICE HATS.

I know you may be reluctant to wear it because it's political, but those placards are removable, making it a warm hat perfect for winter.

Anyway, Glorious Karl is selling them at a 2 for 1 in the build up to Christmas.  Consider purchasing one for yourself or as a gift!

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Look! I Made a Meme!

Yes, yes, 4 years of college is all it took.

Undermining Private Property

Permit yourself a bit of intellectual freedom.

And when I say "intellectual freedom," I mean for once just let your mature, logical, intellectually honest adult mind enjoy some thought without

1.  Worrying about how leftists would respond
2.  Worrying about how you'd defend this against leftists
3.  Pulling up arguments tendered by the left that I would have to address should I wish to waste another second of my finite life doing so.

Just, for once, enjoy a true intellectual experience in economics where you are allowed to dedicate 100% of your thoughts towards the topic at hand, allowing us to have an adult conversation uninhibited or impaired with the childish and regressive brains of socialists.

Got rid of those concerns?

Good, here we go.

Private property, without a doubt, is one of, if not "the" most important thing when it comes to having economic growth and success.  The reason is very simple - in order to incent people to work hard and thus produce economic growth they need to be allowed to keep the vast majority of the fruits of their labor.  If they aren't they have no incentive to forfeit their finite and precious time in the form of labor because, frankly, it's nothing more than slavery.

We can see this not only in something as obvious as slavery, but even in communist or near-communist states.  If I am taxed at 100% then what incentive do I have to work?  And even if I'm taxed at 0%, but can't buy property or own anything, then I might as well have no income.  This simple 5th grade logic is not only understood by...well...5th graders, but it has also played out empirically in the history of the world with the handful of communist regimes coming into existence...putting their populations into decades-worth of misery...before collapsing...but not without first killing more people in peacetime than any war ever could.

Because of this private property presents the greatest economic threat and greatest economic potential to the world's free societies.  Do you protect it, enshrine it, defend it and advocate it as much as possible?  Or do you punish it, destroy it, confiscate it, criminalize it, excoriate it and tax it as much as possible?  The difference is the unrivaled economic success of the west and, well, the rest of the world.

To those of us capable of long term planning, delayed gratification, post-stage-one thinking, morality, or who just give a damn about the future of society (not to mention, know a little history), we are obviously huge champions of private property.  But for those incapable of delayed gratification, post-stage-one thinking, morality or long term planning, the temptation of merely confiscating other people's property for their own personal advancement is just too tempting.  And thus the problem facing democratic countries today - there's just too many of the later with the right to vote.

This has resulted in an interesting phenomenon where there's a tug of war between what I like to call the "producers" and the "parasites" because that's what they truly are.  The "left" votes for more of other people's money, while the "right" merely votes to keep what's theirs.  And thusly taxation levels ebb and flow in the western world from between 33% on the low end to 60% on the high end.

But before you celebrate paying "only" 36% of your property here in the US, it's important to clear the gunk from our eyes and take a fresh look at precisely what is "private property" and precisely how it is being undermined here in the US and elsewhere.

First, to any self-respecting individual, forking over nearly 40% of your life, wealth and labor to a state where 70% of it merely goes to bribe the parasites into voting for more of it is enraging.  Emotional and intellectually dishonest arguments from the left aside, you don't owe 14 years of your 50 year career being a literal slave to other people too lazy to work.  So right off the bat, the fact 36% of your life is being confiscated is enough to show you property private is being undermined.

Second, the sheer amount of effort that goes into obfuscating just how much of your property is being taken.  When people think "property taxes" they usually think real estate.  And usually this is such a finite example most people understand the fact you don't technically own your property because you perpetually rent it from the state (worse still, even the presumedly conservative North Dakotans went full-sheeple and refused permit themselves to TRULY own their own homes).  But the truth of the matter is people do not understand precisely what property is.  For it is not your house or your land or even the assets within your home.

Property in it's purest form is your time.

I've addressed this before, but there really is no such thing as your house or your XBox or your car.  These are things merely composed and purchased with human time.  You exchange your time in the form of labor for some "money."  This "money" is nothing more than a tool, a claim on other people's time.  You then pay various people to build you a home, a car or an XBox One.  In short there would be no property, there would be no assets, if there was no human time.  Ergo, "property" IS your time and what you do with it.  Typically "what you do with it" is either generate income or purchase assets.  Therefore the cash in your bank account, the stocks in your brokerage account, the food in your fridge, and the house the fridge is sitting, EVERYTHING you've earned, made or saved by forfeiting your time is property.

What this means is that ALL taxation is on property.  The divisions between "capital gains tax," "income tax," "sales tax," "dividend tax," and "estate tax" are merely semantics, obscuring and obfuscating the truth - that all taxes are taxes on your finite and limited time on this planet.  All taxes are on your life via the tangible property you converted that life into.  However, because people rarely think of property as they way they should, they remain clueless as to just how much their private property is undermined (much like normal people are clueless how withholding taxes work).

Finally, even if you did own your property outright, and there were no taxes on its creation, ownership, purchase or sale, the state further undermines private property in one huge regard - regulation.

Tell property owners who were willing to sell "their" to the Keystone pipeline they own it.
Tell Duluth Metals they owned the $100 billion mine in Ely, Minnesota when the regulators constantly denied permits to drill.
And tell any home owner in the "republicanny" suburbs that they can build their own home without having some bored, tyrannical soccer mom or trophy wife city council member force a million unnecessary codes down their throats.

Even if you could theoretically and economically "own" your property good luck being able to use it as you see fit with a state that ultimately deems it "theirs."

The consequences of all this undermining and destruction of private property are what most of my readers can guess.  There is slower economic growth.  Less domestic investment.  More capital flightLower labor force participation.  And a general stagnation in standards of living.  But it is important to know precisely, economically why, especially in the most simplified of terms - taxation in all of its forms is ultimately a tax on your ultimate private property - your finite life.  And when people's lives are taxed, especially when used to pay for other people's lives, the deterrence to economic production is great and the economy suffers as it should.


Aaron Clarey is an evil, mean-spirited jerk who doesn't guard his words or care about people's feelings when writing or speaking.  He's especially mean because he uses statistics, data, facts and empiricism, which causes many micro-aggressions and trigger warnings among social justice warriors and other parasites of society.  He also has a hate-filled podcast, a hate-filled You Tube channel, and has lots of books specializing in White Male CIS Gendered Hate.  When he's not oppressing minorities, he's running buses of nuns and pre-schoolers off the road with his large carbon-emitting SUV.

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Another Damn Fine Podcast from the Black Brigade

Another damn fine podcast by DT and the Man.

Plus some lazy Sunday linkage:

American Liberalism in particular has become nothing more than a secular religion based on so many leaps of faith it makes Islam and Christianity seem rational by comparison.

And another one from Ed.

Keep lowering the bar instead of treating them like equals.

A Russian American Alliance in response to my video of the same.

But How Do I Math?

Yes, math is tough.